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Pulau Tenggol - Unable to match expectations

by Sunil R Shetty on August 20, 2017

I am just back from a 5 day dive trip to Pulau Tenggol in Malaysia with Tenggol Discovery Divers.

Overall, the trip was rather disappointing on multiple parameters. While the corals at Tenggol are no doubt beautiful and well-preserved but the quality of marine life was rather poor. On the first couple of days, there was a large group of divers but there was no attempt made to separate them by air consumption and experience, which meant that most dives ended at 35-40 minutes even when one had ample air in the tank. Overall, I would not recommend this dive site or centre. 


QUESTION - Sample UDDF Dive Log

by Paullcn on December 06, 2014

To all,I recently purchased an xDeep Black dive computer and am trying out various dive log apps (subsurface and Diving Log 5.0).  I don't have any data yet to test.  Does anyone have a dive log in .UDDF format available that I could download and play around with?Thank you.Regards,Paul Luciano, MCSE


Certification PADI Open Water Diver

by Florgoth on September 24, 2014

Superbe certification effectuée par l'équipe de Sub Aqua Tech à St-Hubert. 

Merci Yolaine Rouix



by Mahmoud El-Era Qy on July 05, 2014

Prices include all dives (normally 3-4 dives /day), tanks, weights &

weight belt, full board, drinking water, tea & coffee, dive guide,

transfer to/from the hotel. Prices do not include equipment rental,

environmental tax safari (3 EUR /person /day) or Giftun National Park

tickets (3 EUR /person /day). Soft drinks (0,6 EUR) and beer (2 EUR)

available onboard.


I need the posts!

by Mike Mc Manigal on December 23, 2013

I sit here completing a portion of my logbook, wondering if this is really going to work.


Bring life to your scuba log in no time with Diveboard

by Pascal on July 24, 2013

Bored of filling in your scuba logbook which may stand for your experience, but not for what you have experienced during the dives ?

You want your logbook to be more visual than an old scrap of paper with some scribbled notes on it ?

You would like to show your friend who don't dive why they should give it a try someday ? or you would like to brag to your friends who dive about that big manta you saw during the last dive ?

Diveboard makes it extremely easy to put together all the details that matters about a dive, be it technical parameters, the exact location of the dive site or your pictures and what you saw.

Import your dives from your computer ...


logbook translation

by Fosco on May 16, 2013

Hi, I am interested in a translation of the logbook into Italian. Is there a way to do it? Can i help you to do that?


"Favorite" dives on my logbook

by Santiago on November 19, 2012

Why are some dives chosen as my "favorite" dives? 

I did not see where I could mark a dive as favorite! And so I did not mark any.

What is the criteria? Anyone knows?

Let me take the opportunity to congrat the developers on a great site!


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