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Phu Quoc Scuba Diving

by Phuquoc on February 09, 2017

Scuba diving on Phu Quoc is not good.  The snorkeling is better than the diving.  Most reefs are dead.You can learn more about it here: Phu Quoc Scuba Diving


Carnet de plongee

by LePetit Scaphandrier on July 08, 2016

Le carnet de plongée du Petit Scaphandrier est en vente à l’espace culturel d’Hennebont.

Il est possible de le commander sur le site.

Carnet de 80 Plongées.Préface de Mr François Sarano

40 plongées recto/verso.

Le carnet de plongée est bilingue.

Certificat médical détachable.


Sailing around Fiji for some weeks, maybe even months - any diving recommendations?

by Jonathan Junge on June 23, 2016


not sure, if this is the right place?! let me know if not!

as the title already says, we are going to sail around fiji for quite some time and are planning to do lots of diving!

so let me know, if you guys have any recommendations?

would be good to know, if the locations here on this map are accurate?!|10|

cheers and many thnaks in advance



Dive on the Superior Producer in Curacao

by Jeremiah Patton on March 25, 2016


underwater archaeology

by Peter Ostermann on July 27, 2015

Interested in this topic?

Antikiythera, Palafittes, etc.?

Let´s  estalish a community and I will share my experiance:

- History of diving

- Human evolution and the sea

- Development of diving technology

- Development of underwater archaeology

- Main findings

- UWA process and technologies

- UWA legal regulation

- UWA qualification

- UWA training

- UWA latest news like CSS Georgia

- Links 

Kind regards Peter


How to be a better diver

by Dive Club Maldives on June 30, 2015

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential...these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

Diving comes with its set of risks but with the required knowledge and practice, you can always get better. You should not always expect the dive guide to look after you. Once you are certified, you are certifiably responsible for yourself and it becomes your responsibility to keep your friend or anyone else that you are accompanying in a safe environment. You should be able to anticipate and capable of overcoming any obstacle. Learn to take turns instead of always being the one who leads during the dive because that would train your partner...



by Dave Nadal on June 29, 2015

JUST     WENT   NITROX     Apr  11 / 2015!!



by Jelena Vuk on May 21, 2015

Zen Harmony Diving has the potential to reduce the emerging worldwide burden of the ailments and diseases of modern lifestyles. The system comprises of innovative full face snorkeling mask and integrated scuba dive mask that on the surface and in the underwater world naturally empower controlled and deep effective breathing, easy meditative relaxation as well as gentle free flow physical exercise, all which together with nutritionally healthy eating are today recognized as essential to human health well-being.

Important components of Zen Harmony Diving concept are Zen Harmony Diving Consultation, Zen Harmony Yoga, Zen Harmony Breathing, Zen Harmony Meditation, Zen Harmony ZENTSU...


Phuket: Similan Island and Other Attractions

by Sssphuketth on April 15, 2015

If you are sitting in office and thinking to get rid of your hectic lifestyle, then there is no doubt that scuba diving can be a right option for you. This adventure sport has become a hobby of a large number of people from throughout the world. There are a number of places in the world, where you can visit and can fulfill your interest of diving. Among them, Phuket in Thailand is one of the most sought-after destinations.Diving in SimilanA large number of tourists visit Phuket every year to have fun and to soothe them. This is why, it has become a tourist hubs for scuba divers.  There are a number of places in Phuket, where you can have fun. Diving Similan Thailand is highly popular in...


El fluorodiving

by Victor Masmitjà Prieto on April 08, 2015

Imaginas bucear por la noche y ser capaz de ver la vida marina en colores fluorescentes? Organismos que se escapan a tu vista bajo la luz normal? Pues es posible, con focos y filtros de luz especiales o lentes especiales en máscara, y se llama fluorodiving!

La fluorescencia se produce cuando un objeto absorbe la luz de un solo color (longitud de onda) y luego re-emite luz de un color diferente. ¿Te acuerdas de los carteles de ofertas de las tiendas que presentan fluorescencia bajo luz ultravioleta (UV)?, ¿O de cómo brillan tus dientes, o algunas prendas blancas, bajo la luz azul de la discoteca? Pues esos son dos buenos ejemplos de fluorescencia. ...


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