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Is it worth booking a dive holiday to Thailand during the rainy season?

by Seabeesdiving on May 15, 2017

In terms of tourism, the seasons in Thailand can be divided into 2: The dry season and the wet season.

Most divers come to Thailand during the dry season for obvious reasons.

But what is diving really like during the rainy season?

Is it even possible to dive in Thailand during the rainy season?

In a nutshell, the answer is: yes it is.

However, not always and not everywhere.

In this post we will cover where to dive in Thailand during the rainy season, what points to consider, and how you might even prefer to come to Thailand during the off season for your diving holiday. ...


Scuba diving fair in Paris, France

by Ksso on January 17, 2011

Paris may be a nice place to live, but there's no sea there. If you're a scuba diver as I am you spend your time planning for the next vacations that will get you to wear your gear again. In the meantime a few pools let you do some pit diving, but it's not really the same thing. There is one event though that draws all the scuba divers around to Paris : the yearly scuba diving fair.It's the one place where all the representatives of scuba diving gather in that giant one stop shop where you can find your next destination, try the new gear from the major vendors and event push your friends to get an initiation in a temporary pool set for the occasion. If you're an advanced diver you could...


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