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Testing the Cetatek Aquabionic Warp 1 fins

by Ksso on March 17, 2013

Cetatek was kind enough to send me a pair for their first product: the Aquabionic Warp 1.Yesterday I took them on a test drive with a buch of friends. Since my place is nowhere near a real see we had to make do with the local 20m/65ft deep pit so I couldn't try them out against a real current - but still got enough material to give some feedback on this piece of tech.

I've had the traditional Volo Race fins for years - a pretty popular model amongst divers since they're pretty cheap and yet going a bit beyond the cheap finns thing with some work done on impulse restitution which I found fairly efficient. But those finns have know to be very fragile and indeed you can tell the weak spots...


The Blue Dragon, a unique kind of nudibranch

by Pascal on March 05, 2013

While checking out a few of the very educative quiz from DAN, I stumbled on a very special kind of nudibranch : the Glaucus Atlanticus. 

Picture by: Wang, TC, WJ, Chen & Robert - Some rights reserved

Contrary to its name, it can be found worldwide in temperate and tropical waters, with many reports in Australia, South Africa or Carribean Sea. 

On top of the very cute look of this slug, it differs from other nudibranch by its favorite location : free floating on the surface. Unlike many other of its cousins, it does not lurch on the bottom feeding on benthic animals. It prefers floating on the surface of water, using bubbles stored in its stomach to stay on top. Its form and colors act as...


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