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MARES acquires SSI

by Ksso on December 11, 2013

Mares is one of the largest scuba gear manufacturer, founded in 1949 in Italy as a speargun and dive mask maker it has since vastly expanded to anything scuba. SSI is a certification agency with 2500 shops reselling their certification packages.

Something big just happened today : a manufacturer, Mares, just acquired a certification agency, SSI. I'm pretty sure that kind of aggregation in our market is a first !

Here's the email sent today by SSI to their affiliated dive shops :

We are proud to announce HEAD/MARES has signed an agreement to acquire Scuba Schools International (SSI). The effective date will be January 1st 2014. In recent years, SSI has become one of the fastest growing...


Dive Site Orientation Series - Homestead Crater

by SKuba Steve on December 09, 2013

Hi Dive Buddies!

I'm excited to be publishing the first installment of the Dive Site Orientation Series. In this video we tour the Homestead Crater in Midway Utah. If you read my previous post you may remember that there will be two versions of each video. The first one here is the Vimeo version or VEdit as I'm calling it without the funner footage and pithy commentary by your's truly.

Read on for some history of the Homestead Crater, services offered and, of course, the link to the Youtube edit where SKuba Steve is attacked by aliens!

If you just can't wait...

The Vimeo Edit:

Tour - Homestead Crater - VEdit from SKuba Steve on Vimeo.

General Information ...


Why Dive a Computer? - Dive Planning!

by SKuba Steve on December 05, 2013

Another beautiful shot by Mika Hiltunen - thanks for sharing Mika!

I'm a gear-o-phile. Okay now that we got that out of the way...

Dive computers are a great addition to your dive system. When a diver on a limited budget asks me what they should purchase first, a dive computer is always high on the list (usually right below regulators - but every situation warrants some thought). I don't sell diving computers, I don't get commission when one a diver buys one but I'm passionate about getting divers into computers.

And here's why...

Increased dive time


Dive planning

Gas mixture programming

Dive logging


Dive Planning ...


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