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Diveboard feature updates : dive shop pages and new layout

by Ksso on July 17, 2012

This update has been pending for more than we'd have liked it to ... but it's a major rework and hence updating the tests took a long while. Anyways, it's finally there, putting us back in our weekly update schedule! This week we have :Dive shop pagesThey're like your personal logbook, only for dive shops. Each dive shop owner can claim their page on diveboard (~5000 have already been created) and customise it with a proper description and picture... and "typical" dives they are doing. The idea here is that dive shops will provide "templates" of the dive with a list of the common species you can encounter, maybe some pictures and notes. Users will be able in the near future to import...


Largest 360º underwater image

by Ksso on July 09, 2012

National Geographic Fellow Corey Jaskolski's new 3-D technology puts you in the driver's seat and lets you explore the deepest underwater caves and the inner reaches of King Tut's tomb.


Dive with comfort: the thermo-formed mouthpiece

by Ksso on July 07, 2012

If you have been diving a bit, you may have encountered that jaw muscles fatigue after a long dive where you've been biting that mouthpiece a bit too hard. This is even more common on rental regulators where I've experiences the most oddly shaped mouthpieces ever. Even since I got my own regs, and despite the overall comfort bump they brought me, I kept finding myself over-biting the mouthpiece to ensure it stays firmly in my mouth.I've heard about those thermoformed mouthpieces for a while and when I finally found one in my LDS (local dive shop) I grabbed it and took it for a spin ! I bought the only brand they had: "JAX from DrBrux" which was co-branded by Mares (?) (apparently DrBrux...


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