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Make your own robotic submarine

by Ksso on May 30, 2012

Brainchild of  Eric Stackpole, the OpenROV is an open-source platform for underwater robotic exploration. Built out of cheap parts, this is the first below-1000$ submarine - but without any compromise. Rated for 100m (330ft), featuring an HD camera and a 1.5hrs of running time thanks to its 8 C batteries, tethered to the surface through a 10Mb link, this tiny robot opens up plenty cool new perspectives for spending extra down-time once you've emptied your tank! Wether you want to use it to map a complex cave, or simply follow a fish to its nest or snag pictures of fellow scuba divers, the OpenROV is an incredible tool that's actually affordable ! Kits should be available later this summer...


Fish round up: the nudibranch that borrowed chlorophyl from its food

by Ksso on May 18, 2012

Wired had a cool piece one one of the divers's biggest crush : nudibranchs. If you're a diver, and even more if you're an (wannabe) underwater macro photographer - you know how beautiful and photogenic those babies can be. But it's not the colors or shape that we'll be interested on with Elysia chlorotica, but how it's using some genes and photosynthesizing organelles from the algae it's feeding on. As wired reports, Now it turns out that the slug has acquired enough stolen goods to make an entire plant chemical-making pathway work inside an animal body, says Sidney K. Pierce of the University of South Florida in Tampa“This could be a fusion of a plant and an animal — that’s just cool,”...


A new species of Giant Mantas

by Ksso on May 04, 2012

Dr Andrea Marshall talks about her discovery of a previously unknown second species of giant manta ray. Andrea has been working from a remote site off the coast of Mozambique in East Africa, studying a large population of giant manta rays.Andrea appears in a BBC Two documentary 'Andrea: Queen of Mantas' which follows her work in Mozambique. 


Diveboard updates: SAC and RMV calculations

by Ksso on May 03, 2012

Consumption rate can be expressed in equivalent terms of either pressure (SAC - Surface Air Consumption = PSI per minute or bar per minute) or volume (RMV - Respiratory Minute Volume = cubic feet per minute or liters per minute). Both of those numbers are important, and are used for different purposes.

RMV is used for dive planning

SAC is used for dive execution

Thanks to John and Jason on Diveboard's uservoice ideabox we now calculate properly both values and display them in your profile for each of your tanks.To get those calculations done, simply edit your dive, head to the "profile" tab, add one or many tanks and make sure you provide the volume and start/end pressures and you're good...


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