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Videos taken from 3682m depth : Deepsea Challenge & James Cameron

by Ksso on March 27, 2012

Can't wait to see the full footage but in the meantime this teaser from National Geographics is breathtaking !


Diveboard Feature updates: better friends picker

by Ksso on March 26, 2012

A couple updates this week, most are under the hood, but one has quite some impact : a better friend picker.

We added pictures to your friends (even those manually entered, as long as you provide an email and that they have a gravatar picture)

Facebook friends search are showing your friends first and then a list of "other" people

If you enter a friend's email, he can be notified by email that he has been tagged in your dive (coming to diveboard and facebook later)

We also finally enabled the "publish to timeline" function. If you want your dives to appear on your timeline, head to the Dive Manager, select them all and apply the "publish to timeline" function - do not fear, if a dive was...


James Cameron 35756ft deep

by Ksso on March 26, 2012

Yesterday, James Cameron's deep sea challenge bacame been the first person solo diving in a submersible at the bottom of the oceans, 35756 ft deep. Cameron arrived at the bottom with the tech to collect scientific data, specimens, and visions unthinkable in 1960, when the only other manned Challenger Deep dive took place, according to members of the National Geographic expedition.Chek out the whole story on National Geographics !


Diveboard Mobile Feature updates: 1.1.6 released

by Ksso on March 15, 2012

We just released the 1.1.6 version of diveboard mobile on Android (iPhone pending Apple's good will probably around next tuesday).Main changes include :

Users can now sign up from the mobile app either through Facebook connect or with a login/password

New users will have a placeholder in their dive lists telling them to go (for now) on Diveboard's web to create a dive

Private dives now show up on the list in red

Fixed a bug with multiple tanks with non-null start time

Grab your copy for free : Android Martket Google Play, iPhone App store


Diveboard feature updates: Pictures & activity feed

by Ksso on March 14, 2012

Two big addition to the service today (well actually yesterday).

A new high definition lightbox for your pictures.Now that you can upload your pictures to Diveboard, we added a gorgeous way to showcase them with that newly designed lightbox.It does it all, show the location the picture was taken information on the species tagged in the picture, and comes with the support for high-resolution pictures and videos.To get there we had to reprocess all your pictures, in most case we still had access to the originals but unfortunately in some cases we didn't ... so we had to upscale the larger resolution we had (but using smart filter so it should be ok...)The lightbox comes with its own...


New hybrid deep-sea creatures discovered

by Ksso on March 09, 2012

Foxnews reported today that :Scientists have discovered a strange and rare hybrid site in the deep sea where two extreme seafloor environments exist side by side, and are home to a parade of weird hybrid creatures seemingly adapted to the hardships posed by both intense environments.

Read more: on Foxnews


TheBlu : A socially connected ocean screensaver

by Ksso on March 08, 2012

A few days ago I got an email from TheBlu, a strange company with an all-start team of advisors and founders which spent the last few months crowdsourcing 3D models of fishes. They were announcing a relaunch with their new product : an interactive ocean screensaver. The least I could say is that this announce sounded highly puzzling. So I grabbed a copy and gave it a try.and... WOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!After installing it on my Mac (and discarding an awkward installation error message) I launched the screensaver only to stumble into a real dive simulation. For the next half hour I found myself following fishes, clicking on them, changing views and just getting that feeling and excitement...


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