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Diveboard Mobile goes Opensource

by Ksso on December 13, 2011

It's been our intent from the start to make as much as we could from Diveboard opensource. We also wanted to be able to provide solid APIs to enable users/developers to build upon and innovate. With Diveboard mobile going opensource we're starting our journey in that direction. The project is far from mature but already lets you download your dives lists and detail to your mobile and browse them through a nice looking mobile interface.The application is built with PhoneGap and jQuery  Mobile, so although last sprint had us focus on the iPhone only implementation, Android is not far behind (missing a file downloader native plugin - I used to have it work on my Nexus One allright until that...


Diveboard feature updates : bugfixing !

by Ksso on December 09, 2011

As we have had a lot of feedback recently, we also uncovered many edge cases on minor functions. While we try to bring the best experience to the end user, there are always cases that had not been anticipated or that had never been encountered during the testing. So this week release is mainly about making sure those annoying error messages don't appear (often) on your screens !And, last but not least, we also improved the performances of the search, so give it a try !


Diveboard feature updates : Bulk everything !

by Ksso on December 05, 2011

We just pushed an update to production to support a few user requests.

Bulk assignment extended : you can now assign spots, buddies, gears and trip names to a selection of dives. Just select your dives and apply the corresponding action.

Support for a default gear set: in the bulk manager / My Gear you can now list your default gear and tag those you want added by default to every newly created dive.

Coming next : the DAN export tab. It's actually ready but pending DAN's check of the export file format... stay tuned!


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