Dived on: Sabang Wrecks - 20m, 56min - With Jhonry
Posted on 03/10/14 at 18:40


Dived on: Sabang Bay - 12m, 32min - With Walter (MSDT 911365)
Posted on 30/12/01 at 14:00


Dived on: Shark Cave - 27m, 48min - With Rico from Atlantis Dive Resort Puerto Galera
Posted on 28/05/12 at 10:30

Last day diving in the philippines. Two dives here as its was a whole day out. Series of long terrace boulders where beneath there are some caves with a dozen or so White tips. On the sand loads of catfish, ghost pipe fish and sea grass


Dived on: Puerto Galera Cafe - 20ft, 80min
Posted on 02/06/90 at 11:30

Good visibility, the fish were bigger than normal. We saw a big PorcuPine fish, two rockfish, cuttlefish and much more. The water was really warm on this dive.


Dived on: Dungon Wall - 22m, 44min - With Jun from Blue Ribbon Divers
Posted on 08/11/15 at 10:30

school of singapore angelfish white eyed moray garden of pulsing xenia damsel fish clown fish